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RPE "Dust Mask" Face Fit Testing Training - Giving Clients & site staff more...

PSR have enlisted the help of Health and Safety specialists, 1974 Rapport for Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) “Face Fit Testing“ Training for our staff.

Over the past few months, PSR have been asked by clients, as part of our compliance and vetting process, that site staff enter their sites with fit tested RPE. Based on these requests, we actively sourced a Fit2Fit approved, quality training provider so we can now conduct the fit testing ourselves.

Based heavily on the HSEs OC282/28, the course covers all elements required of a competent fit tester including RPE Selection, inspection, donning & doffing, pre-use checks, fit test theory & limitations, the fit test method, equipment, diagnostics and an introduction the applicable legislation, ACOPs and guidance documents…

The ultimate aim of this exercise is to keep site staff safe and health by upskilling our team to conduct the face fit testing in house. This course gives us the capability to offer yet another value-added service to our clients.

Our Trades & Labour specialists, Kate Swistowska and Joni Spittle undertook the training at PSR HQ in the Midlands.

Face fit testing

Nathan from 1974 Rapport is Lead Trainer & Director. He shows our team how ineffective a face mask can be if not worn or fitted correctly. The test procedure utilises a harmless aerosol with a very strong taste. As part of the session our team were tasked to successfully conduct a test on each other to test the fit of their respective masks. If the mask did not seal properly to the face and therefor did not offer adequate protection, the wearer will be met with a foul taste (trust us on this one!) indicating a failed result. In this instance, we would then proceed to test another mask until the desired result is achieved.

T&L Consultant, Joni Spittle – “Completing this training will be a great help to my clients and candidates alike. As Health & Safety is central to our ethos and that of our clients, I am increasingly seeking workers that hold a valid, certified, face fit tested mask. This way, I can personally ensure they are safe and ready to go before they step foot on site”.

PSR Solutions are delighted to announce that all participants successfully passed the course and now hold certification demonstrating their competence to carry out fit testing on our candidates. "We'd like to thank Nathan (1974 Rapport Director) for his common sense approach and first hand experience to guide us through what could have otherwise been a complex undertaking".

This article was written by PSR Solutions following their training session hosted by 1974 Rapport.

Should you need advice, guidance or assistance with any matter surrounding RPE & Face Fit Testing then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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