Face Fit Training

Need to manage your face fit testing requirements in house? Our fit2fit accredited Face Fit Testing "Train the Tester" Course is the answer...

1974 Rapport recognises that organisations may want or need to have the capabilities "in house" to undertake face fit testing on their own staff or contractors. With this in mind, 1974 Rapport offers comprehensive courses, training individuals how to undertake a qualitative face fit test. We can offer internally certified courses or a more in depth fit2fit approved face fit train the tester courses.

Known as the face fit testing "train the tester" course, it is based heavily around the HSEs INDG479, supported by the "fit2fit Companion". The course covers RPE Selection, inspection, donning & doffing, pre use checks, fit test theory & limitations, the fit test method, equipment, diagnostics and an introduction the applicable legislation, ACOPs and guidance documents.

This interactive and practical course is an ideal way of ensuring that your staff are both competent and confident to undertake fit testing on a range of RPE, it is also ideal preparation prior to a BSIF fit2fit assessment.

We are able to offer both internally certified courses or a more in depth, BSIF fit2fit approved train the tester course; one of only three organisations currently able to do so!

Ideal for small groups or individuals, the course is delivered by an experienced fit2fit accredited face fit tester and requires the learners to demonstrate their competence through both theoretical and practical assessment prior to certification being awarded.

A list of competent, fit2fit approved trainers and a host of other resources can be found here www.fit2fit.org  where you will find 1974 Rapport Ltd listed.

For the latest 1974 Rapport Face Fit Testing news please follow our Blog. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to arrange a training course or simply to receive some free, common sense, competent advice.

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