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Face Fit Testing

About 1974 Rapport


I’m Nathan; Founder, Lead Trainer & Director of 1974 Rapport Ltd. 

So why the name “1974 Rapport”?

If like me you’re into Health and Safety, then it’ll need no explanation; If not, The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational Health & Safety in Great Britain, striking a rapport with the HSAW 1974 keeps us all safe and healthy!

I consider myself a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Health & Safety professional (hence the company name!); a firm believer that Health & Safety compliance should be workable, cost effective and common sense. Years of experience in the heavily legislated HSE licenced asbestos industry, construction, manufacturing  and more recently the Fire and Rescue service has  given me a breadth of H&S experience across a wide array of sectors and disciplines, specialising in all things H&S and specifically the fields of Asbestos and RPE Face Fit Testing.


Teaching & interacting with learners is my passion, backed up with the relevant qualifications including Dip NEBOSH, Graduate Membership of IOSH and a plethora of vocational certificates. Incorporated in 2016, 1974 Rapport Ltd seeks to work with likeminded individuals, employers and training providers alike to offer the highest quality, affordable Health and Safety training and advice to a broad client base. 

Centrally based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, we are ideally placed to operate throughout the Midlands, its surrounding areas and nationally.





Face Fit Testing

Do I need a face fit test? Well, if you wear a “dust mask” AKA close fitting respiratory protective equipment (RPE) then simply put, yes, you need a face fit test!

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data, there are approximately 12,000 UK deaths associated with work related respiratory diseases each year; many of these preventable if correctly specified RPE was provided, worn & fit tested.

Is it a legal / mandatory requirement to have a face fit test? Again the short answer is yes. The CoSHH Regulatiuons 2002, PPE regulations 1992 (as amended 2002), supported by HSG53 and INDG479 (formerly OC282/28) details that close fitting RPE such as disposable or reusable "dust masks" must be both adequate and suitable; the only accepted method to demonstrate that RPE is suitable is to undertake a face fit test.

What is a face fit test? There are two common methods of undertaking a face fit test, the “Qualitative method” and the “Quantitative” method. The Qualitative method, also recognised as the “taste test” is ideally suited to both reusable and disposable half face RPE offering particulate protection. The “Taste Test” is a quick, simple and cost effective means of demonstrating that RPE creates an effective seal to the wearers face.

What type of mask needs face fit testing? The answer is ANY close-fitting respirator, this could be a filtering face piece aka a “dust mask” such as FFP3 or a reusable half or full face respirator. If a risk assessment identifies the need for close fitting RPE then a fit test should be undertaken. The COSHH, CAR and PPE Regulations all specify the need for suitable and adequate RPE, currently the only way of demonstrating that RPE is suitable is to undertake a “face fit test”.

Must I be clean shaven to have a face fit test? Yes; any stubble, facial hair, beards, goatees or moustaches that contact the face seal area will significantly reduce the protection offered by tight fitting RPE. It is therefore essential that RPE wearers are not only clean shaven for the test, but also when the mask is put into use.

Who can undertake a Face fit test? “A competent person” should undertake a face fit test. INDG479 stipulates 14 distinct criteria that a competent person should be trained, knowledgeable and experienced within. The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) supported by HSE, recognises that selecting a “fit2fit” accredited face fit tester is one way that competence can be demonstrated. We can also train you how to fit test, information can be found below.

A list of competent, fit2fit approved testers and a host of other resources can be found here  where you will find 1974 Rapport Ltd listed.

For the latest 1974 Rapport Face Fit Testing News please follow our Blog. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to arrange a fit test or simply to receive some free, common sense, competent advice.

face fit testing
RPE Face fit testing


Face Fit Training

Need to manage your face fit testing requirements in house? Our fit2fit accredited Face Fit Testing "Train the Tester" Course is the answer...

1974 Rapport recognises that organisations may want or need to have the capabilities "in house" to undertake face fit testing on their own staff or contractors. With this in mind, 1974 Rapport offers comprehensive courses, training individuals how to undertake a qualitative face fit test. We can offer internally certified courses or a more in depth fit2fit approved face fit train the tester courses.

Known as the face fit testing "train the tester" course, it is based heavily around the HSEs INDG479, supported by the "fit2fit Companion". The course covers RPE Selection, inspection, donning & doffing, pre use checks, fit test theory & limitations, the fit test method, equipment, diagnostics and an introduction the applicable legislation, ACOPs and guidance documents.

This interactive and practical course is an ideal way of ensuring that your staff are both competent and confident to undertake fit testing on a range of RPE, it is also ideal preparation prior to a BSIF fit2fit assessment.

We are able to offer both internally certified courses or a more in depth, BSIF fit2fit approved train the tester course; one of only three organisations currently able to do so!

Ideal for small groups or individuals, the course is delivered by an experienced fit2fit accredited face fit tester and requires the learners to demonstrate their competence through both theoretical and practical assessment prior to certification being awarded.

A list of competent, fit2fit approved trainers and a host of other resources can be found here  where you will find 1974 Rapport Ltd listed.

For the latest 1974 Rapport Face Fit Testing news please follow our Blog. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to arrange a training course or simply to receive some free, common sense, competent advice.

Training course logo 2020 (002).jpg
RPE Face Fit training


Many trainers can deliver “Asbestos Training” however standards can vary massively; we have been externally and independently assessed and are able to offer IATP approved Asbestos Awareness & Non Licensed Training; our credentials can be verified here....

First hand experience including numerous years in the heavily legislated HSE Licensed asbestos industry, a passion for training, both H&S and teaching qualifications, first-hand experience working with asbestos, planning, managing and auditing asbestos projects, leasing with surveyors and analytical companies, interacting with the HSE / Local Authorities / Environment Agency, specifying and inspecting equipment, navigating HSE licence renewal developing & delivering industry approved courses…  I believe this positions me as something of an expert in the field of Asbestos and specifically asbestos training with an emphases on a tailored and workable approach.

We are able to deliver both Asbestos Awareness and Work with non-licensed Asbestos courses as well as being able to develop and deliver bespoke training packages to meet your exact requirements.

We work nationally and have all required equipment to deliver “on site” training, there are not many individuals able to offer equivalent standards of Asbestos Training services. We can also take care of your face fit testing needs as part of the service to ensure compliance and worker health.

1974 Rapport Ltd is able to deliver courses in line with CAR2012 Reg 10 that are IATP approved so that yo can be sure the standard of training is above and beyond what is expected.

For the latest 1974 Rapport Asbestos news please follow our Blog. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to arrange a training course or simply to receive some free, common sense, competent advice.





As an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, passionate and time served Health & Safety professional, Nathan of 1974 Rapport Ltd can provide a wide range of Health and Safety training and advisory services across a range of sectors.  On top of Asbestos and RPE services, we can provide Fire Safety, Manual Handling, First Aid, Work at Height & Ladder safety, Abrasive Wheels, CoSHH and Sharps to name but a few... all tailored to meet your exact requirements.


Looking to work with established & accredited H&S training providers or employers directly, 1974 offers competent, detailed, inclusive, bespoke, reliable and cost effective training services to deliver the highest standards over a varied range of H&S training disciplines. 

1974 has in place appropriate levels of insurance, can work throughout the UK, CRB (now DBS) clearance and all required AV equipment to deliver “on site” training.

Holding a range of H&S qualifications (including Dip NEBOSH), vocational certificates, teaching qualifications and Grad IOSH membership, I am proud to offer internally accredited courses or am able to demonstrate my competence to satisfy the requirements as a tutor for the majority of awarding bodies.

Should you require any specific training course or would like to add 1974 Rapport Ltd to your list of approved, independent trainers then please do not hesitate to get in touch where we will be happy to provide you with any further information that you may require.

Healthy & safety training



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